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Do the Practice Questions match the video lessons?

The quiz categories do not match the chapters in the book or the video lessons. They are designed to (loosely) match the official EA test specs that are listed in Prometric's EA Exam Bulletin, found here: https://www.prometric.com/test-takers/search/irsThe video lessons and the accompanying PDFs do ...

What is the recommended score to know you are ready to pass?

The passing score for the actual exam is a minimum of 105 out of 130 points (the exam is scaled)An 80% would be the minimum, but you should really try to get at least 90% on the practice tests and quizzes before you attempt the exam.

Do I have to take all three exams in the same day?

You can take each part of the exam on separate days. You can even space them out months apart. You have TWO years to finish taking all three parts. If you don't pass all three exams within two years, you lose credit for any passing scores on the other exam parts. You may take each part up to four ...

Are the practice exam questions like the actual IRS exam question?

The IRS only releases a small number of questions each year. PassKey attempts to closely mimic the actual exam questions as much as possible, but still make them understandable. You can download prior IRS tax questions as pdf files on our website if you would like to compare. This page also has copi...